Ammonium Humate Powder

Ammonium Humate Powder

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We have been serving agriculture sector since years and today, we are remarked as one of the foremost manufacturers of Ammonium Humate Powder. In agriculture, this intermediate is used as humic fertilizer and in other industries, used as enamel additive. We make available the entire range of Ammonium Humate Powder to our clients in different grades and packing options to fulfill diverse requirements. 


  • Soluble in water
  • Longer shelf life
  • Pure quality

Ammonium Humate(powder or granular)
Specifications: AMMONIUM HUMATE( granular)

DESCRIPTION :- Ammonium humate is of black granular and Soluble in water.

SPECIFICATIONS Humic acid (dry basis) 65% min; Nitrogen with quick result (dry basis) 4% min; Moisture 20% max.; PH Value 8 -- 9

USAGE (1), In agriculture : Used in humic fertilizer that combines with Nitrogen. Phosphorus and Potassium to form multi-functional high-efficency fertilizer. (2), In industry : it is used as enamel additive ,drilling mud regulator moulding sand adhesive and water treatment agent.

PACKING AND STORAGE Packing : In ( 20kg; 25kg;50kg)  PP bags